1. BulletThink Different

  2. In this highly successful advertising campaign, Apple  used just two words to communicate that their product was the choice of creative thinkers.  Apple was here exploiting the “need for uniqueness” - people have a desire to see themselves as different from the crowd (but only when it also means “better than” the crowd).  Apple is here also promoting its image as a producer of more expensive “cutting edge” technology, and it is using the principle of “association” by linking its product with Einstein, Picasso, Martin Luther King, etc.

  1. BulletThink Connections

  2. In our spin, we are  explicitly attempting to communicate that our textbook ‘s features focus students on connections - between culture, evolution, and cognition; between different research topics such as aggression, attraction, persuasion, and prejudice; between basic and applied science; between normal  and dysfunctional processes; and between research and theory.  We are implicitly attempting to use Apple’s association trick at another level - by both associating our book with Apple’s image -- as the choice of people who think at the cutting edge -- and also with cutting edge researchers whose ideas we discuss in the book Top row: Leda Cosmides, Jim Sidanius, Jeff Simpson, Susan Fiske, Shinobu Kitayama.

  3. Middle row: Charles Darwin, Marilynn Brewer, Kurt Lewin, Donald Campbell, Shelley Taylor;

  4. Bottom row: John Bargh, Virginia Kwan, David Funder.