1. BulletUgly is only skin deep

  2. In this -- most successful advertising campaign ever -- Volkswagen used a technique we discuss in Chap 5 (Attitudes and Persuasion) - acknowledging a possible problem up front.  Click here to see that discussion.

  1. BulletQuirky is only skin deep

  2. The VW ad deployed the credibility and persuasion enhancing tactic of seeming to argue against one's own interests by acknowledging a less-than-positive feature (ugliness) up-front. We did the same by admitting to our quirkiness. With communicator credibility thus established, it became possible for both ads to more convincingly claim legitimate strengths.  We are  simultaneously attempting to communicate that our textbook  is different from the others -- in ways that, on a shallow analysis, might seem quirky, but on a deeper analysis, are cutting edge.