1. BulletUnited Colors of Benetton

  2. Advertisements often take a risky approach - trying to raise a mystery in the observer’s mind.  In this case, the observer is left wondering: What is the connection between Benetton and “united colors?”  On  one level, Benetton made colorful clothes, but the ads often included no clothing at all, instead presenting people of different races, or animals of different colors.  The Benetton executives argued they were trying to raise social consciousness, but of course, along the way they raised a lot of consciousness of their product.

  1. BulletUnited Concepts of KNC

  2. This ad is in part a spoof on the Italian classic, but it does something for KNC that it did not do for Benetton -- the concept of unity links directly with our book’s central strengths.  In the 5th edition, we’ve buttressed the central theme of integration – focusing on the bridges between different theories, between different disciplines, between different branches of psychology, between functional and dysfunctional behavior, and between theory and application.  

  3. Incidentally, something else interesting about the models:  Allecia Reid was born in Jamaica, Uriah Anderson hails from rural Indiana, and Jessica Li is from Hong Kong. Today all three are social psychologists, and all three have taught from Kenrick, Neuberg, and Cialdini’s Social Psychology: Goals in Interaction