Kenrick’s Powerpoints


In the first lecture, I do not simply hand out a syllabus and say “see ya next week!”

I use the first day as an opportunity to get students excited -- to let them know that social psychology deals with topics they all ponder in their everyday lives:

• Why do we like some people and dislike others?

• Why do romantic relationships break up?

• Why does the U.S. have such a high homicide rate?

• Why are some people so generous, others so self-centered?

I try to avoid too many words on the screen, and to focus on visual images -- photographs with one or two points written out in outline form, figures that build one chunk at a time, etc.

You can see my simple notes to self in the notes section. It’s important not to write out too much, esp. for first lectures, or you may end up reading.

This isn’t a typical lecture, since it has no data etc. (see links below for a more typical lecture);

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Introductory lecture

Lecture 1.ppt

NOTE: Some photos in presentation were downloaded from public internet sites, but may be copyrighted.  To be used only for professors’ adoption decisions.  Contact A&B sales rep (at link above) for the official KNC Powerpoint set, prepared by David Lundberg Kenrick and Doug Kenrick.