Kenrick’s Powerpoints


These are KNC powerpoints that go with the text (prepared in collaboration my son David Lundberg Kenrick).  This is not what I use, but it does give the more organized and complete framework for covering the chapter.  I break it up into chunks, add more photos, and my own graphs

Chapter 1 KNC


More to come

NOTE: Some photos in presentation were downloaded from public internet sites, but may be copyrighted.  To be used only for professors’ adoption decisions.  Contact A&B sales rep (at link above) for the official KNC Powerpoint set, prepared by David Lundberg Kenrick and Doug Kenrick.

These give some hints about preparing your own animations, incorporating photos, and other tips I give to grad students.

How to Prepare PPTS

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Here I start out with a question from the cover of People magazine (Why are leading Hollywood actors cast with actresses half their age?)

I then describe how one would go about testing alternative answers to this sort of question, and introduce Sociocultural, Social Cognitive, Evolutionary, and Social Learning theories. 

I focus more than you might on our own evolution-based research, since a subsidiary goal is to recruit some of these students to get involved in our labs!

Kenrick lecture on theories


These are the slides that accompanied the 4th edition.  Contact A&B to get the PPTs for the 5th edition. These need a few colorful pictures added to them (my sample will follow shortly).

KNC Chap 5

Attitudes and Persuasion