Introduction: You, Me, Charles Darwin, and Dr. Seuss ( Click to download intro)

1   Standing in the Gutter

How did an innocent young student accidentally fall in with a band of intellectual revolutionaries?

2  Why Playboy Is Bad for Your Mental Mechanisms

When is beauty bad for you?

3  Homicidal Fantasies

Why have most of us had at least one fantasy about committing murder?

4   Outgroup Hatred in the Blink of an Eye

Why can’t we all just get along?

5   The Mind as a Coloring Book

Why doesn’t cultural variation support the blank slate view of the mind?

6   Subselves

The three faces of thee.

7   Reconstructing Maslow’s Pyramid

Where are the missing bricks in the classic pyramid of needs?

8   How the Mind Warps

Why do men and women forget different people and regret different things?

9   Peacocks, Porsches, and Pablo Picasso

Why do men go out of their way to avoid a Consumer Reports Best Buy?

10  Sex and Religion

When is godliness just another mating strategy?

11   Deep Rationality and Evolutionary Economics

Why are behavioral economists only half right when they say that our economic choices are irrational?

12   Bad Crowds, Chaotic Attractors, and Humans as Ants

Why were your parents right about the company you keep?

  Conclusion: Looking up at the Stars

How does research on unsavory and taboo topics converge into a grand view of human nature and answer the question:  What is the meaning of life?